What Happens When You Take Steroids

If you’ve been working out in the gym for a while now, you may have probably noticed that others are using steroids. There are actually over 3 million Americans that are using steroids to build more muscles. So what really happens in the body when you take steroids?

Every physical activity damages the muscles. For people who lift in the gym especially experience more damage in their muscles because of the rigorous activity they subject their body to. However, because the body is a wonderful creation, it can naturally recover and form new muscle protein strands to repair worn out muscle fibers. If the activity is done over and over, and the natural process working the same way, the strand will increase in thickness and number. Ultimately, the muscle protein synthesis will be greater than the muscle protein breakdown so the muscles will grow and the person will look buffed up.

The degree of growth is regulated by testosterone which increases the synthesis of protein in the body. This explains why men naturally have larger muscle mass than women.
But what happens when you take steroids?

Steroids are compounds with a specific four carbon-ring structure thus, it includes chemicals that can be used to treat different conditions from simple conditions like fever and headaches or for more complex sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone issues. Most of the legal steroids online mimic natural testosterone which helps enhance performance. These are often used by more than 15% of gym-goers.

Changes in the gene expression will start within just a day of taking steroids. This process will mean increasing protein synthesis while protein breakdown is slowed down.

Taking steroids will increase your muscles while decreasing body fat. People who take steroid will notice that within days, they will have increased muscle size and strength. Steroids are ideal for exercise tolerance and recovery.

In the long term, steroid use will increase how much the muscle can gain. If you would notice, body builders who took steroids in the long term bulk up more as they grow older.
If you are in search for pharmaceutical steroids for sale, you need to check out legitimate pharmacies online. Taking steroids is actually a way to help you bulk up faster but you need to be mindful of your intake. Remember that it does come with risks and side effects. However, if taken properly and in moderation, it will help you achieve your goals.

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