Sustanon 300 – Odin Pharma

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$120.00 $90.00

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient:Testosterone Mix
Pack:10ml vial x 300 mg/ml

2 reviews for Sustanon 300 – Odin Pharma

  1. Aaleen Butt

    This primo supplement is 100% of 100% starts off slow do your work out two weeks later continue and continue using the Primo you will get the most lean clean massive gains Shredded on shredded no water retention whatsoever or gynecomastia

  2. jerry smith

    You got me on shipping you charged me 29$ shipping and handling then when I got my package it said 4.30$ was the coast..thats just taking my hard earned money…

    • Ethan Cash

      it’s shippping plus handling. we dont charge you that it’s the warehouse that ships out. they charge us 29 dollars we just pass on the charges we dont make any money from shipping. it’s our partners that ship to you

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