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post cycle therapy

What Is Post Cycle Therapy?

post cycle therapy (PCT) submit cycle therapy is a way of using drugs. Which work via various mechanisms to move about. It trying to stabilize and repair a person’s hormones again to normal. Once a suppressive anabolic androgenic steroid cycle has been ceased.

Out of anything that people could ask me, the topic I get asked about the most is PCT.


PCT = post cycle therapy

Questions on this topic are usually the hardest for me to answer because PCT all depends on 3 factors…

  • Age and genetics
  • Length of a cycle and your individual recovery ability
  • What you used and how much you’ve used

It’s tough to give one generalized recovery protocol for everybody. But specific guidelines are best to follow. When going into recovery mode, and if you stay you’ll most likely be fine.

Post Cycle Therapy – Age And Genetics

The first thing I will address here is age and number of cycles.
A guy in his late teens of early-mid ’20s who have never cycled before will usually recover very fast. It’s better to use post cycle therapy but not get crazy with 3-4 different compounds for recovery.

What I’ve found is the recovery agents themselves tend. Cause more problems than the actual Post cycle therapy products cause. Some of the depression, lethargy, lack of concentration and ill feelings. During recovery are actually from the recovery drugs more so than low testosterone!!

Post Cycle Therapy – Individual Recovery Ability

So I’ve always lived by the rule of Enough To Help Recover But Not Overkill!! The reality of things is that back in the Golden era of bodybuilding. Nobody knew about Post cycle therapy and it didn’t exist! Their own bodies recovery ability alone to recover from steroid cycles. They used moderate amounts of the drugs and gynecomastia (aka “bitch tits”) was not as prevalent as it is today


we haven’t made advances in recovery to combat side effects on cycle. I’m stating that guys didn’t know about PCT back then and still used steroid cycles. because of this things were back in the day doesn’t mean a good idea. To take a more proactive measure to recover nowadays.

Post Cycle Treatment – The Chapter Of Medicine

So where one guy who ran testosterone alone for 8 weeks could be okay with Clomid and/or Nolvadex. Another guy who ran a 15-week cycle may need a more aggressive recovery. But not limited to HCG, Arimidex, Aromasin, Nolvadex, prami, letrozole, cabergoline, Clomid.


In my 20 years of bodybuilding, I have never needed to use prami, letrozole, or cabergoline. So I don’t have experience with them. Thus I do not talk about those because I do not have experience with them. What I am proficient in would be Clomid, HCG, Nolvadex, aromatic, Arimidex? Now, I have found the best method of cycling for me is to keep it to the “under 1,000 mg per week total rule.” It is a right approach that will help keep you safer and will undoubtedly make recovery easier.

If I were not on testosterone replacement therapy, then I’d limit cycles to 10-12 weeks long MAX. First off, there is no point in staying on cycle when gains begin to diminish. After the first 6-8 wks anyways, and second off why make a recovery harder on yourself than it needs to be?

CLOMID FOR Post Cycle Therapy

The first compound to include in any recovery for someone. Who wants to stay off cycle to get their testosterone levels back to normal would be Clomid. Clomid works to restore testicular function and testosterone production. Because it’s a female hormone. When the male body detects an exogenous source of testosterone! It sends the signal to the testes to stop producing their testosterone.

Likewise, when discontinuing cycle and introducing Clomid. It sends the male body the signal to begin producing its testosterone again. For a guy planning to come off and recover clomid is always a wise idea to use.


HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) works to restore the testicular axis. And is the fastest way to do so. But, this product is injectable and sometimes hard for people to come by. In the event you do not use HCG then the next best option would be clomid combined with an aromatase inhibitor. Such as Arimidex OR aroma syn OR arimistane.


Depending on how much you’ve used and how long the cycle was? I would consider using Nolvadex. Along with one of the aromatase inhibitors for recovery.

If you are using HCG, then you want to use an aromatase inhibitor. During HCG use because HCG itself can cause gyno to those prone to it.

NOLVADEX FOR Post Cycle Therapy

Nolvadex is what is known as an estrogen receptor modulator.
What are that nolva works to prevent estrogen from binding to receptor sites in the breast site. but IT DOES NOT PREVENT FORMATION OF ESTROGEN.


An aromatase inhibitor is needing to prevent the formation of excessive estrogen. But from my research, it’s shown that Nolvadex works very well. At stimulating the HPTA axis during recovery.

So nolva is a thing of the past during cycle but still useful for recovery post cycle. It is why some guys will use Nolvadex for Post cycle treatment, either ran alongside Clomid or by itself.


Aromasin and Arimistane are all considered aromatase inhibitors. Which means that these products are beneficial to use at the right amounts. During certain cycles and also during recovery to keep estrogen rebound from happening. Estrogen rebound is testosterone level begins to drop and estrogen level want to rise.


    Aromatase Inhibitors

The aromatase inhibitors will do two things.

  • keep estrogen at bay during cycle
  • prevent estrogen from rising too high post cycle. (When you want the bodies own test levels to grow in the right ratio against estrogen).

Recovery isn’t limited to steroid cycles. But also prohormone cycles and Ostarine(SARMS) cycles. But out of all 3 compounds, Ostarine cycles are what you’ll most likely recover the quickest from. Often prohormone cycle recovery can be harsher than steroid cycle recovery.

While steroid cycles and prohormone cycles may take a longer time to recover. From or a more aggressive approach to recovery! Ostarine periods will not just as dynamic of an approach. Unless higher amounts were using, and I see no reason to ever go beyond 50mg/day of Ostarine.


You can use either Aromasin, Arimidex, or arimistane on its own for recovery from an Ostarine run. I used to use aroma syn and Arimidex. But I’ve since discovered that Arimistane is as effective.
The reason I know it’s effective. Because I was taking it at the same time I was using Arimidex. It knocked my estrogen levels into the dirt within a few days!!

Ostarine Cycle
                     Ostarine Cycle

From that point, I discontinued Arimidex and stayed on arimistane to see. if the results would be the same as arimidex and they were the same!! Using arimistane feels no different to me than Arimidex or Aromasin. You can pick whatever one you want. I’m telling you that they all work but arimistane is over the counter and accessible.


I’d be a liar to come on here and tell you that I’ve always had bloodwork done. But the truth of the matter is I never had a hormone panel done. Until I knew I needed testosterone replacement therapy. I had cycled steroids on and off for 9 years before I ever had a hormone panel done. But because this was the road I walked doesn’t mean it’s the smartest move.


If you have a way to get blood work done. Before running any cycle that increases or decreases your own bodies testosterone levels. then I’d recommend it. I’d especially recommend it for guys who want to have children one day.

I was still able to have kids after cycling on and off for 9 years. But it took coming off everything for about 6 months to get my wife pregnant. Because you’ve run some cycles here and there doesn’t mean you’re down and out forever.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has 4 children if that provides any hope for you!!

I hope this article helps explain Post cycle therepy in a little more detail. This is a frequent topic in bodybuilding. the most questioned topic I receive from readers.

                   Arnold Schwarzenegger

Take time to educate yourself on anything you use before starting it. And if you landed on this website then you’re already off to a great start!!

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