Buy Sephora eGift Cards and pay us in eGift Cards


Please send the card to YOURSELF first and then forward the eGift card to us at [email protected] once you get it in your email

Use a DIFFERENT email than the one you register with Amazon to receive your eGift Card

Each card max is 200 dollars, if you need more, buy more cards!!!

 ã€Œsephora logo」的圖片搜尋結果



Amount: in the Other Box

To: Your own email, Please do not use the same email as your Amazon account.

From:  Your Name

Your message: Your Order number


Confirm purchase and buy with your Amazon account


AMAZON will email your Sephora eGift Card through your email within 5 minutes usually (Up to 24 hours slowest).  Once you’ve received your eCard in your email, forward the email to

[email protected] with your Order number on in the title.

(It is essentially that you do not use the claim code or your order will not be shipped out.   We will claim the amount before shipping any orders out)

Your email should look something like this


If you still didn’t get the card in your email, you can go to your order page and resend it to yourself once the status upgrade to sent

If you re-send your gift card the old card will be invalid.


If you didn’t receive your card in your email for over 24 hours and your order is still “scheduling” you can also talk to Amazon Chat Support HERE.  Ask them where is your order and tell them your recipient did not receive it.

Sometimes this will happen

If this happens, your card will be available in 12 hours, or you can call your bank immediately and authorize the purchase.  The card will then be immediately available for you to spend

After we receive your gift card email with the code and we have confirm the balance, your payment will go into processing.  This will usually take 24 hours or less.

We will send you an email once it is processing and another email with your tracking within another 48 hours.

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