Androgenic and Anabolic- The Power of Two

For the sake of some people’s “body goals”, muscle growth, trimmed figure, many men and women turn towards the help of androgens. People usually interchanged the term with anabolic steroids. The benefits of these focused on the increased muscle mass and recovery period. Despite the results and reports, the side effects that come with androgenic steroids are something that should never be set aside.

In this blog, we will know more information about androgen, the androgenic steroid, its difference from anabolic steroid downsides and legal sides.

The two terms, androgenic and anabolic are not two different type of steroids for sale. They are the same thing; the difference comes from the physical characteristics they provide.

The Androgens

Androgens are the hormone that directly impacts on sexual organ development, metabolic rate, mood stability, and others. Testosterone should be the first that would come up to your mind. They are associated with male characteristics such as bigger muscles, deep voice, but both men and women require androgens for healthy development. While men produce more androgens, that explain their masculinity compared to women.

The Androgenic

The androgenic refers to physical characteristic that associate with the growth during puberty. When an androgenic hormone like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is released during puberty, it sets off deepening of the voice, facial and body hair growth and development of muscle mass. However, boosting of androgenic effect from some steroids for sale, lead to a number of downsides including heart issues and dependency on the hormone testosterone. Women will too develop facial hair and deeper voice.

Androgenic Steroids for Sale

Androgenic steroids are the synthetic version of androgen hormone like testosterone that drives the same functions of the natural hormone like muscle growth which makes it so popular to bodybuilders.

The Anabolics

Anabolic refers strictly to its impact on lean muscle tissue. Steroids for sale have the anabolic effect on promoting the growth of muscle mass in size and shape.

Using Androgenic Steroids

The anabolic or androgenic steroid can be administered as an oral-based pill or tablet, skin implant, cream, gel or injection. Most people commonly use steroids through oral or injection.

Steroids for sale are taken as a cycle unless otherwise noted by your health care provider. The standard cycle in which people in bodybuilding known as “on-cycle” lasts at least for four weeks and may last 12 weeks. Experienced users usually extend their cycle.

On-cycle is followed by off-cycle. This is where the user stops taking the steroids for sale. This lasts for at least four weeks or a little more before the next on-cycle begins. To minimize the side effects brought by androgenic steroids, you should immediately jump to the post-cycle therapy (PCT).

Steroids for sale can be used alone or stacked. This is when you combine two or more different steroids but it should complement each other. This is to minimize the estrogenic downsides while optimizing the beneficial effects of the steroids. While it’s effective during the cycle. using more steroids expose you to greater risk for severe side effects.

Steroids Used in Sport

Performance Enhancement. Athletes use steroids for sale to increase performance in their chosen sport. Since it has a direct effect on increasing strength and endurance, it becomes their supplement especially when it comes to sports based on the physique.

Muscle Growth. Androgenic steroids are mostly known to its capacity to increase muscle tissue which makes it famous in the bodybuilding world. Studies show that anabolic steroids are really effective in increasing the release of androgens.

Recovery and Rehabilitation. As androgen promotes faster muscle recovery, a steroid user can increase his workout routine once he starts using the compound. The ability of the compound to increase the recovery rate after the rigorous training makes the steroid user hit back the gym in no time.

Popular Androgenic Anabolic Steroids

While there are almost a few dozen anabolic steroids available on the black market, there are 10 that are commonly cited as the most reliable for muscle growth and sports performance:







Deca Durabolin

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)


Side Effects of Androgenic Anabolic Steroids for Sale

If you use this medication, there is no other, you cannot feel the side effects. You will likely experience the downsides of the drug whether you are legally prescribed or illegally using it, 

The most common side effects that do not seem to affect your health long term are bloating, skin issues like acne, hair loss and changes in your sex drive. However, there are some they could require medical intervention like gynecomastia or male breasts, difficulty when urinating, changes in cholesterol levels and low sperm count.

The severe side effects though include cardiovascular issues such as rapid heart rate, liver damage, bone loss and cartilage breakdown, low testosterone levels and severe mood swings that may cause to depression.

Women are susceptible to these side effects, however, they have their own conditions to worry like shrinking breasts, menstrual cycle irregularity, deeper voice, large clitoris, and facial hair growth.

Steroids Legality

Different laws are surrounding the use of these type of drugs. Steroids for sale need a prescription to get any anabolic steroid. It only becomes illegal when people get it without having properly diagnosed and prescription from a medical professional.

Steroids are innately dangerous, even those legally prescribed by your health provider. It have already claimed so many loves and has caused damage to a lot of people. Steroids have got a bad press over the years and the media ripped them to pieces. We know that they can be, in the long run, can be potentially fatal. Always remember that anything, if you abuse them, the risks are greater.

Getting fit and bulky would be achieved through natural training, anabolic diet, rigorous workouts and natural supplements. However, gaining those goals could take a long time and strict discipline.

There was a time that not everyone can these drugs. One needs a prescription and a proper diagnosis from a medical professional. But there are legal steroids alternatives that are now available in the market. However, these are highly regulated due to their widespread abuse. For cases when one has an existing infection or wounds in the body, administration of it may not be started as it might delay the healing process or cover up some of the symptoms. It might also have some adverse effects on some conditions so the medical professional would need to make sure that prescribing it won’t make the condition such as diabetes, heart condition and blood pressure problems or even mental health issues come worse.


It is very tempting to use androgenic anabolic steroids to build muscle mass and improve sports performance. But you should also know the cost of using these medications. With the list of side effects here, these may cancel out the potential benefits. But combined with a good program, proper diet, natural supplements and guidance from the doctor, you should be able to come through it.

Get informed first before deciding on taking steroids. If you found this information helpful, do not forget to share!

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